About Conference

2022 IEEE GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTING, POWER AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES (GlobConPT) is being organized on September 23-25, 2022 at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, India. with Financial Sponsorship of IEEE Industry Applications Society USA.

GlobConPT 2022 is a non profit conference and it will provide an opportunity to the practicing engineers, academicians and researchers to meet in a forum to discuss various issues and its future direction in the field of Electrical, Computer & Electronics Engineering and Technologies. The conference aims to put together the experts from the relevant areas to disseminate their knowledge and experience for the relevant future research scope. The conference is Financially sponsored by IEEE Industry Application Society USA.. There are 10 tracks in the conference covering almost all areas of Electronics, Computer & Electrical Engineering..
Conference Tracks:
Track 1: Data Science & Engineering
Track 2: Computing
Track 3: Computational Intelligence
Track 4: Power, Energy and Power Electronics
Track 5. Renewable Energy technologies including hydrogen
Track 6: Robotics, Control, Instrumentation and Automation
Track 7: Communication & Networking
Track 8: RF Circuits, Systems and Antennas
Track 9. 5G Technology
Track 10. Industry 4.0


The major objectives of the conference series (GlobConPT) are as follows:

  • To provide a prestigious international forum for specialist presentations and interactions in one or more areas of Engineering and Technology withing its tracks through papers, exhibitions, plenary talk, tutorials, etc;
  • To contribute to the development, progress and welfare of societies (S/Y/W) by disseminating technological knowledge and experience;
  • To encourage the study and discussion of technology and technological applications in a broad social, political and human context;
  • To polish and boost the interpersonal and professional skills of volunteers with the guidance of leaders and the renowned personalities in the respective field of Engineering & Technology.
  • To enable Chapter within IAS to develop as mature IEEE entities by accepting the responsibilities of major conference organization.